cheetahThe cheetah is an endangered member of the cat family that has dwindled in number from approximately 100,000 in the 1900’s to only 12,500 leaving the species in real danger of extinction.

The encroachment of man into the natural habit of the cheetah along with a decline in prey, actual loss of habitat, poaching, and indiscriminate trapping and shooting threaten the survival of the cheetah in the wild. Additionally it is now believed that due to the small numbers of cheetahs that they are under threat genetically based in inbreeding. This can lead to genetic abnormalities in the species as well as a lower level of immunity against disease.

The cheetah is the fastest land mammal in existence, able to reach speeds of up to 70 mph when hunting prey in the wild. Unless action is taken by people such as yourself to help prevent extinction, the sight of a magnificent cheetah hunting in the wild maybe a thing of the past.

The Aspinall Foundation is a charity, which works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in the UK to protect rare and endangered animals, such as the cheetah, and return them to protected areas in the wild.

By sponsoring a cheetah through the Aspinall Foundation cheetah adoption scheme you are actively helping to maintain and prevent the cheetah species from becoming extinct.