Why Adopt?

Two cheetahsAdopt: Fundi

  • Species: Cheetah
  • Location: Port Lympne
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 9 years old

About Fundi: Fundi arrived at Port Lympne on 11th October 2008 from Whipsnade Zoo although he was actually born in Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Holland.

He settled in straight away and has been very calm and friendly since day one. He took an instant liking to his keepers and has fast become a very popular character. Fundi was warmly welcolmed by all in the park by staff and visitors. His keepers have discovered he is a very fussy eater and only likes the finer cuts of meat. When a rabbit is presented to him he turns his nose up… thinking it is too much hassle to eat a boney rabbit!

Like most animals in the park he dislikes the cold and spends a fair bit of his time sleeping off the cold Kent winter weather but when he sees some sun he noticably perks up. His keepers have also noticed that he is slightly smaller in stature than the average Cheetah but he more than makes up for that in attitude. The aim is to pair Fundi with a female in the future and for them to have cubs – until then we are hoping to move Fundi in with another male called Nescio, our other new Cheetah arrival.